100 Days to Offload and Starting Over

Starting Over

Seems like every few years I get the itch to actually do something with this website that I’ve owned for many years. I’m not a great writer and don’t consider myself very interesting. I definitely have not been very consistent when it comes to writing a blog. So why am I doing this now?

Well it came about with my renewed interest in using Mastodon shortly after the twitter takeover. I was not a heavy twitter user by any stretch of the imagination, but I could see that it was increasing interest in alternatives and I thought it might be making mastodon a bit more interesting as of late.

So I reinstalled tusky on my android phone and signed back into my account on Fosstodon to see how everyone was doing. While I feel like eveyone I follow on that instance is a lot smarter than me, everyone is super friendly. They talk about interesting tech things and inspire me to try to continue learning. Maybe one day I’ll even beat my impostor syndrome. (more on that in another post someday)

100 Days to Offload

So what does all that have to do with this site and trying to start writing/posting again? Well I keep seeing people posting links to their blogs with #100DaysToOffload and finally decided to look at what it actually was.

I had initially assumed that it was part of some tech geek version of 75 hard, but instead of fitness it was going to be about programming/developing. And since I am not a coder it was not something I thought I would ever really try to do. A quick google informed me that I was completely wrong and it is really just a straight forward challenge: create 100 posts on a personal blog within 365 days. That’s less than 2 posts a week! Yet feels daunting.

So I guess this is my first post and official start of the #100DaysToOffload challenge. I just need to remind myself that not every post has to be super interesting and can even just be a life update. Maybe even just treat it as one really long toot since I’m not limited to a character limit. If you want to stick around and prod me to keep going on this journey then give me a follow on mastodon.