Starting Over

I’ve made many attempts at keeping and maintaining a blog but it normally doesn’t last very long. All previous iterations of this site have been wordpress, either hosted by some place like GoDaddy, a “server” in my house, or on a VPS in the cloud. I think one of the bigger challenges with doing that is the overhead of maintaining Wordpress and keeping everything up to date. This time I’m trying something different to keep things simple while still challenging myself to learn something new and relevant to what I do.

For that reason I have settled on a more simple static site built with Hugo that will just have a main page with a link to my social media and a blog section for these posts. No comment sections for now to worry about moderating. No backend database to have to worry about. Maybe I’ll go into more of the setup and some of the things I learned along the way.

Many posts will probably be boring technical posts but I might try to squeeze in some more regular life posts that touch on my other interests. So here’s to starting over.